Paul Germain's Ice Carving Shows are choreogaphed for audiences of all ages.

Paul Germain's
Ice Sculpture World

Since 1974

Ice Sculptures and ice carvings for Weddings, Parties, Promotions, Fundraisers, and all Special Events

Ice sculpting and ice carving instruction workshops

Ice Sculptures with inspirational message from Paul Germain

Ice Carving Shows for Christian Youth Ministries and Inspirational Special Events

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fruit vegetable carving instruction

Gospel Ice

Ice Sculptures, Inspirational Christian Ice Carving Shows
Ice Everlasting Ministries

Gospel Ice

Christian ice sculptures for Jesus

Freedom in Christ

Freedom in Christ

Freedom in Christ

Freedom in Christ

Freedom in Christ

Here is what a guest at one of our Ice Everlasting Ministry outreaches had to say:

"Praise the Lord! The children and adults had an amazing time during your ice carving demonstration at our church. What a "cool" and thrilling way to communicate the gospel!"

"We especially liked the part when you carved the cross and joined the ice engravings of people being reunited with God. Wow, what a creative and meaningful way to represent how Jesus made it possible to know Him eternally.

Jesus inspirational ice sculpture

Please call for information on how you can bring
this unique ministry to your church, school, or other event.

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