Gospel Ice


Art, in its noblest form, is a gift from God to help us know Him.

Special Ice Sculptures Section

ice sculpture of heart
The desire of my heart is that the following pages featuring ice sculptures and personal glimpses will encourage you to receive the single most important miracle God made possible for you.

Paul Germain

Have you ever wondered,
"Why on earth am I here?"

Diamonds Ice Sculpture

About 35 years ago, a very wise friend explained that we are all diamonds in the rough, created for an extraordinary relationship with our Creator through His Son, Jesus Christ, and His Holy Spirit - both in this life and the life to come.

I didn't readily embrace what he said about God, Jesus, or the fact that Jesus was God come in the flesh.

But since I happened to be attending a university at the time, I figured I was in an ideal setting to debate such things as religion, psychology, philosophy, Creationism, Evolution, and anything else associated with people's opinions and beliefs. Therefore, I zealously attempted to challenge my friend's statements.

However, after 3 years of endless pro and con debates during that period of my life, I began to experience something unusual.

Ironically, the more I tried to disprove
who Jesus was, the more I considered
asking Jesus Himself to personally
prove to me that He was real.

Although skeptical, I even began to pray:

"God, Jesus, I don't believe, but if
you are real, help me in my unbelief!"

I prayed those words to God for a couple of years.
At the same time, I decided to give the New
Testament of the Bible a chance - even chancing to ask the
Holy Spirit to reveal the text's meaning along the way.

Jesus responded
to my inquiry!


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Gospel Ice

Art, in its noblest form, is a gift from God to open our hearts to Jesus and His Holy Spirit.
Special Gospel Ice Sculptures Section
Jesus Christ

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