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Gospel Ice

Ice Everlasting Show Highlights

Below is an overview which will serve as an
example of one of our Gospel Ice shows.

Other formats our available. We will be happy
to work with you to create a show that will fit
the theme and ministry needs of your event.

The ice carving show begins with worship music, flags, and streamers. Robin narrates the ice sculpting demonstration as Paul starts to carve.

The narration begins with the story of creation. Just for fun and interaction, Paul asks members of the audience about the kinds of creatures God created. He asks what kind of creature they would like him to carve. He then carves a requested animal, bird, or fish - spraying fine snow into the audience during the process. Children love it.

Paul then uncovers a four foot tall circular-shaped block of crystal clear ice. The ice circle features pre-engraved images that represent God in fellowship with Adam and Eve. In back of the ice, an assistant presents various circular shaped backdrops that are symbolic of heaven, earth, hell, and the resurrection. These images are the same size as the ice sculpture - and complement the narration.

From here, Robin talks about sin and how it separates people from God. Using a large saw, Paul cuts the ice circle in half vertically, which separates Adam and Eve from God. An image of the fires of hell is displayed through the resulting semicircles at this time. Paul proceeds to carve sections out of the semicircles.

Robin explains the role that Jesus played as our Lord and Savior. Paul then pushes the two halves of the circle back together. A flash of light is emitted from behind the sculpture to represent the resurrection of Christ.

demo sketch

When the semicircles are fully joined, the carved-out sections take on the shape of a cross, which nows bridges the gap between God and his people.

The finale of the show features Paul transforming the ice sculpture into a giant heart - representing that Jesus has made it possible for people to return to loving fellowship with Him eternally.


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