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About the artist - Paul Germain is a professional ice sculptor and ice carving instructor who resides in Fresno, California. He is also the founder and director of the Academy of Ice Carving and Design.

He created his first wedding ice sculptures in 1974. His highly celebrated ice carvings and ice sculpting performances have been featured in over 75 local and international newscasts, publications, TV talk shows, and art museums. Paul's spectacular ice carvings have been displayed in an enormous variety of promotions, weddings, proms, company parties, grand openings, conventions, tradeshows, Christian church youth ministries, and other special events.

Every ice design is meticulously carved by hand. Paul Germain has been developing innovative ice carving techniques for over 30 years. Paul has a Bachelor's degree featuring the highest honors in Art, and is fully credentialed by the state of California to teach Art at any level. He also holds a Master's degree in Education/Instructional Leadership. His students' works have been critically acclaimed, and have been displayed at the Fresno Metropolitan Museum of Art, Congressional Art Exhibit in Washington, D.C., and many other honorary venues.

Ice Sculpture World and serve the needs of weddings, caterers, banquet halls, Fresno, California, Visalia, USA, CA, event consultants, wedding coordinators, graduations, sculptors, Christian carvers, and florists. Ice Sculpture World provides icesculptures, wedding ice sculptures, ice molds, decorating, flowers, ice sculpture molds, and wedding ice sculpture services for florists, promotions, parties, Christian special events, and proms. Paul does not use ice sculpture molds - with the exception of providing occasional specialty floral vases to accompany traditional wedding ice sculptures. Floral Ice sculpture molds are available at discount prices for caterers and florists. Ice Sculpture World provides party planning, specialty ice sculpture molds, handcarved ice carvings, wedding ice sculptures, and ice sculpture ideas for Madera, San Joaquin Valley, central California, and beyond.

Paul Germain's Ice Sculpture World
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