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God's Holy Spirit will spiritually birth you into a personal relationship with Him...

...both now and throughout eternity
in His Heavenly Kingdom!

Below are some truths and feelings I like to regularly express. My day is awesome when I act upon them with the understanding that Jesus wants to bless me and others with His love, peace, joy, healing power, wisdom...and so much more.

First, I like to start each morning with a cheerful greeting that honors the three ways in which God has chosen to show me what He is like - as our heavenly Father, His Son Jesus, and His Holy Spirit.

Note: As an ice sculptor, perhaps I can make God's "Three-in-One" nature a little more understandable by relating Him to the three states of water - ice, water, and steam. Although each of these states is unique its characteristics, all three are essentially the same.

Here is the essence of what I feel or express in words:

Good Morning God!
Good Morning Jesus!
Good Morning Holy Spirit!

I open my heart to You, and am so happy for your love and grace in my life.

I want to have fellowship with You again today through the presence, person, and power of your Holy Spirit. Thank you for making it possible to know You through reading the Bible, praying in your heavenly language, receiving words of knowledge and edification, interpreting your visions, experiencing the power of healing, and being lead by your Holy Spirit.

I want to give You great joy by loving others with all the blessings that are available from you. I want to experience the wonderful promises of salvation, deliverance, healing power, prosperity, and eternal life that are available for those who truly desire to know your love and share it with others. Jesus, please show me how I can glorify You as my Savior and Lord today.

Thank You for giving me the nature You originally created me to receive.
Thank You for making me a pure, clean, and new person in your sight. I understand that You did not do this because of anything great I have done to earn it. You did it simply because I have chosen to repent and trust You for the unmerited forgiveness, grace, and love that You made possible by your sacrifice on the cross.

Please reveal and help me repent of any sins that could possibly interfere with trusting You and walking in confidence and power today.
Thank You for loving me so much that You were willing to be punished on the cross as a human, and shed your blood for my sins. Thank you for making it possible for me to be forgiven without making me pay the awful, eternal price of sin myself.

I want to know You as my Lord in an even deeper way, and completely fulfill your will today.

I look forward with awe that I will have fellowship with You as my Heavenly Father in the glorious kingdom You have prepared for those who trust in your love, power, and grace.

Jesus, most of all, I want to know you. I want you to know me. I want to love You and experience your love for me - both now and throughout all eternity!

Ice carving - Jesus Christ defeated hell

Wow, I have only shared a portion
of what Jesus has done...

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Sculpted and written by Paul Germain, Copyright 1995-2010 - All rights reserved

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