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ice carving lessons

Overview of AICD's most
popular Course Topics

Ice carving classes and topics are adapted to your program and level of experience!

• A brief history of ice carving

• The medium of ice

• Appropriate use of ice carving books as a resource

• Sharpening, bits, and modern tool innovations

• Safety issues related to lowering, lifting, splitting, carving, delivery, and set-up

• Enlarging techniques

• Beginning to advanced design principles in all ice sculpture classes

• Designing awesome multi-block ice sculptures

• Secrets of fast and easy drawing

• Secrets of fast and easy templates - both custom and from ice carving books

• Beginning ice sculpture classes

• Intermediate ice sculpture classes

• Advanced ice sculpture classes

• Secrets of stacking and fusing for unique effects
and dire circumstances

• Maximizing the block for creativity

• Secrets of special effect coloring

• Secrets of inlays

• Secrets of closed-celled, snow-filled corporate logos

• Trouble-free ice beverage slides

• Taking your ice sculptures to the limit of lightness

• Considerations for adjusting your final design
for time, temperature, and atmosphere

• Custom display equipment and techniques

• Secrets of ice sculpture
special effects such as mid-air suspension, rotation, pyro-technics, lasers, hi-tech DMX colored lighting, fog, and evaporative snow flurries.

• Ice sculpture instruction includes photography techniques

• Secrets of the critical art of transporting ice carvings

• Studio design and considerations

• Ice carving competitions

• Starting and building a business

• How to get paid what you're worth

• Principles of effective advertising

• Secrets of effective media relations

• Principles of powerful and effective ice sculpting instruction

• Curriculum design for schools interested in offering advanced ice sculpture instruction

the list of topics and techniques goes on!

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Instruction includes the equipment, materials, and ice carving books
that are appropriate to the AICD Ice Carver Program enrolled in.

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