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Additional Photos


Beginning the process of closed-celled
engraving in which the letters will be
encased within the ice, rather than just
on the surface.

Chef proudly leans over his perfect
20 inch diameter sphere which has been
handcarved after fusing two 10x20x20
inch blocks together.

Creative shrimp display featuring Coast Guard
helicopter rescuing sinking shrimp boat.

Eagle made by fusing multiple sections of
ice in order to spread the wings and tail.

Chef completes his engraved ice
arch project which frames a custom logo
that has been inlayed with gold stone.

Chef has just finished a high-relief portrait
sculpture featuring Alex Haley, author of "Roots".

Chef successfully tested his ice luge.

Novice carver Jim Becker receives instruction
from Chef as part of Chef 's 5th
Star level which teaches chefs to become
ice carving instructors for culinary schools.

View a sampling of Paul Germain's commercial ice sculptures at